Where to eat the best pizza in Rome? At In Fucina, a restaurant in love with pizza

The concept chosen by Edoardo Papa for its place In Fucina in Portuense neighborhood, in Rome, is really on point: a restaurant in love with pizza. It is true: Edoardo is a real chef and pizza is the canvas where to present his plates. And just like the chef he is, Edoardo loves to experiment and is constantly looking for new kind of flours and new ingredients. Top quality, of course.

The concept introduce nine years ago is extremely innovative: pizza is for tasting, as every tablemate picks a pizza to be shared with the rest of the table. Pizzas will come in order, sorted by structure and complexity. This formula got an incredible success from the public.

Pizzas are for just any budget, with Marinara starting at €9,00 to Margherita with its €12,00, to “excellent” pizzas which can go as high as €30,00.

Edoardo Papa


But Edoardo researches isn’t just about pizza, it involves also starters.

And thus, new balanced recipes are born, as:

Montanara, zucchini carpaccio seasoned with lemon oil and Cabras bottarga


Salted pastry with cod and potato cream, apricot mousse with crusco pepper dust


Edoardo allowed us to try a preview of a plate to be introduced in the menu by September.

Calzone, PDO buffalo ricotta and bio Siena’s saddleback pig salami.


All the rooms of the restaurant are projected with special panels to reduce the noise and to guarantee privacy and quiet.


Let’s talk about pizzas. As there’s no need to add any redundant comment, let’s just say that, for us, In Fucina is The Best Place where to eat pizza in Rome, and to give you an idea, here’s sneak peek:

Bio apple and pear mustard, with PDO buffalo mozzarella and ricotta and delicate gorgonzola

Roasted zucchinis and potatoes with bio Siena’s saddleback pig lardo

“Margherita In Fucina”, with bio tomato pulp and PDO buffalo mozzarella


Arzilla, Siena’s saddleback pig lardo, datterini tomatoes, ricotta flakes

Typical cottage cheese from Apulia, toasted pistachio, and top-quality Mortadella


Artisanal speck with roasted potatoes, PDO buffalo mozzarella and delicate gorgonzola

Artisanal burrata from Apulia and Siena’s saddleback pig Capocollo

Rum-flavored Margherita, with bio tomato pulp from Vesuvian region flambéed in Giamaica Rum, vitage 2000 and PDO bufflo mozzarella

Edoardo has it his way for desserts, as well:

Millefoglie: puff pastry with lemon custard made with yolks coming from white hens of Livorno.

Last, but not least, the wines list is good, as Edoardo is a supporter of the pizza-wine duet. And how can you argue with that, since his pizzas are actual dishes?

In Fucina

Via Giuseppe Lunati, 25/31, 00149 Roma RM


Translation by Claudia Valentini

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